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Welcome to Kharkov!

"Welcome to Kharkov!" is the eldest, the largest  and the most favourite site of mine. In 2005 it will be 10.  In the course of time of its life it turned spontaneously into   Internet encyclopaedia of the city of Kharkov.

I think that it is a falk site, because many kharkovians, the patriots of our city and of Slobod Ukraine, are enthusiasts about help me in some aspects of creating this site.


Знакомство с амперсандом

Site "Acquaintance with  Ampersand or Introduction to Mathematical Logic"  is intended school and high school students, for future hackers, who will to dive deeply into mistery of interaction with computer.


The main intention of site is to show the movement of human reason via process of self-recognition towards creation of artificial intelligence.  



Содружество 'РЕФАЛ/Суперкомпиляция'

Site name "REFAL/Supercompilarion Community" may be understood in double sence:either  as denotation of group of programmers, who are interested in metacomputing and functional programming (and its origins go back just to language REFAL), or as metaphor, which signs an influence of REFAL methodology on the  development of supercompilation. 

Site is a matter of interest for all persons,  who are engaged in computer technologies, and who understand therefore, that automatic optimization of programs isn't unnecessary thing.