If I were Soros...
  ...then, first of all, I would choose the same things to be done as he did: I would seek some interesting people and help them to solve their problems. And my search would be in the same area: among scientists, art and culture figures, among youth and students in particular.  
  In the second place, I would devoted a part of my time and invested a part of my money to fight with  irregularity of mankind development on Earth. Formally I was impressed deeply by words of academician A.D.Alexandrov, who cited the view of a priest that all troubles on Earth happen because there is too mush of science at one end of mankind and too little of it - on the other end. Indeed, that's time to push into the foreground a problem to provide the wellbeing  for as much as possible number of humans, isn't it? Fisrtly, to my mind, the wellbeing is rather clear category: it means the absence of  cold, starvation and illness. Secondly, it is rather clear for what countries and kinds of people the problem of absence of wellbeing arises. Thirdly, when solving the problem of elimination of trouble we can see our own position in more balanced and objective manner, we can be convinced evidently what of our needs are essential, and what of them are forced ones. 
  All that I said doesn't mean, that I order everyone to be engaged in the problem described above. But for persons, who became wealthy, soon or later the question arises: what can I do afterwards? Further development, I think, is to share with other humans and to do it sensibly. If one cannot share with his own ideas or works of  his hands and mind, then he must share with money to equalize the levels of wellbeing.
  The first-priority category of human beings, for which the trouble must be overcame - that's children. I think that problem of childish trouble is one of the most complex. Once I had got a great impression from a documentary film of a Georgian director about juvenile delinquency in the Soviet Union  While analyzing the sources of child's crimes he showed that the most terrible thing for young person is the loss of waiting of joy in the life, he named such children "grey flowers". While talking with one of teenagers he  shuddered after the question: "You see, that number of such young one's, as I am, "the grey's", is growing all the time? Didn't you think, what would happened, if number of us would be just greater than number of  one's like you?" Since that time I am thinking about this ...
  In the third place, to my mind, an interesting and a noble action is to invest environmentally safe technologies and breaking up production businesses into smaller units. The main trouble of humanity is that all modern civilization was founded on processes of concentration: all was concentrating - town dwellers in the cities, chemical, machine building, transport productions at one place, transport vehicles were growing heavy and large, even imbalance in nutrition are based on processes of concentrating of nutrients in portions of food. The Nature is standing for distribution... We need to learn and use continuous productions on a small scale and accurate functioning of lightened transport vehicles. We need to seek new environmentally safe and cheap energy resources and we must think of technologies, which should allow us to dismantle the waste equipment at NPS. We need in every kind of electricity promotion by the use of   solar batteries, tidal waves and wind. We need in skilful developing of ocean spaces as a way of breaking up production businesses into smaller units on dry land.
  In the fourth place, I would invest the supporting of such non-traditional forms of people community. Like market network structures, which leave apart the ugly mushroomed advertising mechanism, such communities would helped effectively to positive processes of humanity development by means of non-cooperation with clumsy state mechanisms. I.e. I would tried and had influence upon the globalization processes, directing them towards real formation of  noosphere, which was dreamed about by Vernadsky.  
  That's all. Finally I want to thank Mr. J. Soros, who's activity brought me to think about this important subjects.