Simetimes all World may be conquered when
One's single arm is a simple pen...   Instead of Autobiography
  Endeavour Something to Explaine










   People are used to call me Valerie. But quite often  I cast glance at sky,
   Who am I in fact - I don't know... And remember how many miracles
   I am teaching some people mathematics, To be hiding in world all around -
   And I'm teaching my children to live, And I'm eager to find all of them!
   Being conscious that all it is vain. Then I feel that I'm filled with curiosity,
   And I have my husband beloved: Just the same, which disturbed me in childhood,
   We fall out or kiss one another - Forced me climb through the bottom of gate
   We have no the golden mean. For to run far away  from my home,
   Both parents of mine are alive - Ordered me to dip step by step 
   I ask Lord to prolong their days... In the river up to my head's crown
   I like both music and poetry, For to see how fishes are there?
   And create songs and verces myself; I am ready to put Devi's question:
   I'm enjoying the drawing too. What significance has Universal
   That's my usual life: I cook, Overflowing with various wonders?
   And do rooms, wash the dishes and launder, And while questions don't cease to arise
   Do my shoppings and plant the garden I consider myself a happy human.
   Therefore I feel often  fatigue...
   This self-portrait has become obsolete, indeed. Several years had passed since then, and many changes had happened. My dear father had gone. And then I decided, that verces never would come to me. But I was wrong.  I think that I was frank, when wrote aforesaid words. But my present state may be expressed more exactly as follows:

Now and Here

The single thing that now I can know:
The day have passed  - and I am not the same...
And every change I blissfully accept -
Because life beauty 's hidden in these changes.
But there is something quite immutable in me,
As like as axis while a wheel rotation,
  And in my mystic innermost depth
All voices of beloved of mine are keeping.
Till I shall find an affair for hand and mind,
And till my soul will hear a melody in quiet
I'll offer thanks to Lord with all my heart
And just for that I have been tired of nothing...

9.08. 1999